Energy Savings Available Here

The Secret

Do you want to know how your competitors are cutting their electricity bill without investing?

We Save, You Grow

We have made it so easy to save energy that you can start saving immediately. We handle the finance, installation, operation, remote monitoring and maintenance. You focus on growing your business.

Savings Go Up

With our minimum 10% energy savings policy, climbing to 20% or 30% becomes easier.

Energy Saving Box Features

Immediate Savng Guarantee

All Energy Saving Boxes come with a minimum 10% savings guarantee from first month of installation. If it doesn’t achieve the 10% savings, we will remove it.

Trust Our Experience

If you don’t believe we can achieve the savings we offer a 30 day trial period, as long as you agree to pay us every single cent we save in the 30 days. Yes, you read right. If we save you $1, you have to promise to pay it to us at the end of the 30 day trial.

Easy Lease

All Energy Saving Boxes are available on an easy lease, that pays for its self. What you do with the rest of the savings is your secret.

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Energy Saving Myths.

You have to have a lot of money to save energy?

Myth 1

The reason most company’s don’t invest in energy savings is because of the high initial costs associates with achieving energy savings, we have removed that obstacle with our easy lease model.

You Cant Save More Than 10%

Myth 2

“You cant save more than 10% without changing operations.” This is what engineers who don’t understand the Energy Saving Box and his Ninja Robots will tell you until they see the savings for themselves.

What Clients are Saying


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