Easy Saving Process

Step 1

Fill in the easy energy saving form. While waiting for our energy experts to contact you, prepare your last 6-12 months electricity bills or smart meter login details.

Step 2

Energy expert contacts you to review your electricity bills which will guide the energy expert in drafting an Easy Energy Savings Proposal with minimum 10% savings.

Step 3

The energy expert you spoke to, visits your site to collect some data to see if we can save you more than 10%.

Step 4

Your energy expert sends you a 1 page guaranteed savings order processing form, backed by the data he collected.


You Smile at the savings, sign and send the form back so we can start making your unique machine learning Energy Saving Box.


Our electrician or your electrician installs the machine learning Energy Saving Box. You Start saving immediately, thanks to our energy saving algorithms.

Energy Saving Ninja Robots

Online Access

You have full access to the user friendly online web portal. Where you can review your savings and what the ninja robots are up to. Here you will see monthly reports and other cool things

Machine Learning

We have these really cool ninja robots that have agreed to live inside your energy saving box to ensure you have savings every month. Their goal is to increase your savings from 10% by understanding how you use energy.

Constant Monitoring

The little Ninja Robots that live inside your Energy Saving Box use superior algorithm and artificial intelligence to constantly monitor and protect your equipment.

Meet Our Experts

The Energy Doctor

Bryan Majola

Energy Doctor


“My goal is to make energy savings so simple that anyone with an electricity bill can save”


Eddie Nkomazana

Energy Associate


“I’m passionate about finding affordable energy saving solutions for all energy users.

Bongiwe Mbatha

Operations Manager


“I’m aim to ensure you’re energy savings box is delivered on time, so you can start saving immediately.”




Yr Exp






Happy Customers

Some Solutions

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

All in one Smart metering, power analysis and data logging technique with remote system configuration capability. Build in Automated Demand response technology that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence that handles all the savings while you enjoy your life.

Robot Ninja’s

Protection of Sensitive Eqiupment

Your electronic equipment and expensive gadgets are always protected by Energy Saving Box. Your company reduces capital expenses due to early aging, maintenance and replacement of equipment, when protected by Energy Saving Box.

Internet of Things


Embedded Internet of Things technology with wireless communication to monitor, report equipment efficiency and predictive alerts.

Easy Energy Saving

We’re a 24/7, Energy Savings Provider.

Latest News

Avoid Shock

With our Zero Money Down, immediate savings policy you don’t have to worry about the investment achieving the savings. You only pay from the savings, which means you only pay if we save you money.

What Is Inside

We have made it so easy, you don’t have to be an electrical engineer to save. The Energy Saving Box is designed to save you money without changing your operations.

Why Is So Easy

We don’t want you to learn electrical engineering to understand how to save energy. We want you to focus on what you do best, Energy Saving Box will handle the rest.